Weekly Swimming Pool & SPA Service

Gold Package "Full Pool Service"

With this package all you need to do is enjoy your swimming pool!
BEST pool clenaing service in town.
1. Monthly filter cleans as needed 
2. Each weekly visit turns on your equipment to ensure everything is working and no leaks if a problem occurs we will notify you with cost to fix right away 
3. Netting all debris out of pool 
4. Cleaning Pump/Skimmer & Cleaner baskets/bags 
5. Brush entire swimming pool 
6. Check and adjust chemicals all chemicals are provided including algae treatment if needed 
7. Yearly spring tune up before your swim season starts we add conditioner to your water break down equipment lube up all o-rings and change any bad ones to ensure maximum performance 
8. Vacuum out pool if needed ie. dirt / fine sand on bottom of pool we can vacuum and discharge for a spotless swimming pool

Silver Package "Chem/Filter/Brush"

1. Check over and ensure all equipment is functioning properly with no leaks 
2. Check and maintain filters clean on a monthly basis 
3. Clean out baskets/skimmer/cleaner bag 
4. brush steps and swim outs on swimming pool 
5. light skim of debris on top of pool 
6. check and balance all chemicals "Algaecide not included"

Bronze Package "Chemical Only"

1. Check equipment to ensure it is working properly with no leaks 
2. Balance & check chemicals 
3. Clean out pool pump & skimmer basket & cleaner bag 
this is the package for the do it yourselfers who just want to have crystal clear water all year long but don't mind cleaning out there pool them selves

Additional Services Offered

Green Pool Cleans
1.Green Cleans sac pool pros can have your green swam looking crystal clear in 48 hours we will drain your swimming pool and remove all debris from the bottom & pressure wash all the algae on the wall and bottom then we will do a chlorine wash of the swimming pool walls, steps & bottom to ensure all algae is dead and gone then after this is done we will begin to fill your swimming pool and once full we will do a startup and balance all chemicals get equipment running and clean your swimming pool filters to ensure maximum pool performance! 

Algae Pool Cleans
2.Algae clean as most pool owners know black algae or any algae in general can be a complete nightmare let the pros take care of it for you we have can eliminate and treat any algae in your swimming pool no problem 

Acid Pool wash
3. Acid wash we can acid wash your pool due to plaster discoloration or scale build up no problems

Other services
4. One-time pool cleans, out of town pool cleans 
5. Sand Filter Sand Replacement recommend every 3 years 
6. D.E Filter break down and D.E replacement recommend once a year
7. cartridge pool filter cleaning 
we offer many more services give us a call today for any questions or for a free estimate!

We provide Full Service Pool Cleaning, One Time Pool Clean Ups, Green Pool Cleaning, Acid Wash, Pool Filter Cleaning, TDS Testing and Treatment and Chlorine Wash Services to the following Sacramento cities: Sacramento Pool Service, Roseville Pool Cleaning, Folsom Pool Cleaning, Carmichael Pool Cleaning, Rocklin Pool Cleaning, Lincoln Pool Cleaning, El Dorado Hills Pool Cleaning, Fair Oaks Pool Cleaning, Orangevale Pool Cleaning, Citrus Heights Pool Cleaning, Rancho Cordova Pool Cleaning, Pocket Pool Cleaning, Loomis Pool Cleaning, Granite Bay Pool Cleaning, Elk Grove Pool Cleaning, Commercial Pool Cleaning, Sloughhouse Pool Cleaning, Rosemont Pool Cleaning, Antelope Pool Cleaning, Natomas Pool Cleaning, West Sacramento Pool Cleaning, and more.  

Please call for all locations: (916) 722-7665

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